Welcome to Local Doctors
Your accredited local General Practice​
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Welcome to Local Doctors
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Welcome to Local Doctors
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Welcome to Local Doctors
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Welcome to Local Doctors, your accredited local General Practice

Local Doctors is a purpose built medical centre committed to providing exceptional health care to patients and our community.

We believe that communication is the key to delivering effective health care, and our focus is on listening to you, and understanding your concerns in order to provide you with the right treatment. If you haven’t yet found the clinic that you feel comfortable with, we invite you to book in to see one of our doctors today.

Flu Vaccination Now Available

Mon – Fri   8am – 8pm
Sat – Sun   8am – 6pm
Closed on Public Holidays

ph: 02 8622 1681
f: 02 8078 6199

8 Betty Cuthbert Avenue,
Ermington, NSW 2115
Ermington Shopping Centre


We provide a wide range of health services to our patients including chronic disease management, preventative health care, family planning, women’s and children’s health. Our experienced nurse will also assist our patients with immunisations, vaccines, wound management, diabetes, asthma, lifestyle risk factors and health assessments


General Health

Prevention & Wellness
Minor Procedures

Travel Medicine


Family Planning…